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On a Smart Building’s Data Exhaust ➞

“In the world of smart buildings we collect far more data than we use. But Data is currency, and it has tremendous value beyond its initial application. There are innumerable ways to analyze the same data set. What might not be immediately useful now, could be invaluable in the future.”

Will A Truly Smart Building Be Emotionally Intelligent? ➞

“Affectiva believes that in our world of hyper-connected smart technology and appliances.. And by using a variety of sensory technology – we can take the internet of things (IoT) to the next level – sensing human emotion to predict and react to human behaviour.

IDA Featured in Build Smart Publication ➞

“Geometry created in generative modelling tools such as Grasshopper and Dynamo can be exported to Revit and ArchiCAD, combining the dual functions of.. dynamic design in a single BIM model. This beneficial use of BIM was demonstrated in two of IDA’s recent projects: Kallang Riverside and Furniture Hub.”