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Colombo High Rise ➞

Proposed Colombo High Rise Study. The concept is derived from how the two tower elements are able to structurally intersect at the podium base for additional stability against seismic occurrence, while gradually tapering upwards to achieve the desired height.

The tower shape is that of intersecting 2 squares representing the Kanji character “八” – a concept of prosperity and growth as the base broadens gradually.

House of Fashion ➞

The House of Fashion is IDA’s first Sri Lankan retail development. As an edifice designed to showcase the fashion industry of the city of Colombo, it is also the first of its kind in its district. As a high level shopping destination in Colombo, the House of Fashion serves as a catalyst in invigorating the retail scene. The façade is adorned with neo-classical inspired elements, and at night, is lit with a spectacular display of blue and amber. 250,000 square feet of retail spacess are spread across 6 floors; a key feature being the region’s largest Disney floor. Conveniences too are at their best, with 4 floors housing 350 parking bays. It is currently the biggest department store in the country.