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Network for Productivity Leadership (NPL) @ BCA

ID Architects was invited by BCA to speak for the Network for Productivity Leadership (NPL) Session last July. NPL members were given insights on how ID Architects have adopted VDC on Furniture Hub. The session hopes to encourage more participation from the building community to improve productivity through BIM / VDC.

IDA wins BCA BIM Gold Award for 2017

IDA received the BCA BIM Gold Award at an event held on June 13, 2017. IDA was recognized for its innovation efforts – adopting computational design and an improved BIM workflow. With this milestone, IDA is committed to collaborating and sharing these innovations with other industry affiliates. One of the goals is to build a community where ideas will spur transformation of the building industry as a whole. Investment on new technologies such as VR and AR will be paramount. For more information, visit the BCA Site.