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LTH Chemical Hub ➞

LTH Chemical Hub at Jurong Island is a 4.3 hectares complex comprising of a fully ramp-up six-storey warehouse building, a row of one-storey terrace storage space and an open container yard. The 63000sqm GFA six-storey building with the ramp occupies about half of the 4.3 hectares site, while the one-storage terrace storage space and open container yard occupy the other half. The warehouse compartments, loading/unloading, staging and drumming areas, all designed with full provision of chemical containment and retention measures.

Each level of the building can accommodate up to 9000sqm of warehouse space and up to 18 loading/unloading docks. Floor to floor height of the 1st storey warehouse is 16m and can accommodate 8 tiers of racking, while the upper levels have floor to floor height 10m to 13m with 5 tiers of racking.