IDA Office


Commercial, Interior, Environmental Sustainability

IDA Office

ID Architects is not your conventional architectural office. It is a practice where traditional methods have been replaced with advanced tools, and thereby making a difference – reforming, reinventing and transforming the workplace through new technologies such as virtual design methodologies and computational design. Such a difference demanded a unique approach to their new office, one that enables maximum collaboration, co-working, encouraging creativity, research and development, incubation and realization of new ideas, while maintaining the core of the practice – creativity in a dynamic environment. The space calls for a design studio that advocates a holistic growth among its members – career, professional, technological, family, health, mind-soul, corporate social responsibility, and social wellbeing.

The proposed space initially had a few constraints –a large core which limits natural lighting, and low beams with complex M&E services affecting headroom. These will eventually be used to the office’s advantage.