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IMDA and IDA Enters Partnership for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry ➞

IDA’s digital innovations have spawned Digitalpha, a packaged industry transformation solution, which will be available to Singapore’s construction industry. May 21, 2018 has marked IMDA and IDA’s partnership in this initiative through a historic signing ceremony held during the SG Industry Day event in Suntec Convention Centre. Key highlights of the event were Mr Jin Sung delivering a speech on IDA’s digital transformation, and IDA Technology hosting a booth in the event premises demonstrating key features of its immersive collaboration capabilities.

Network for Productivity Leadership (NPL) @ BCA

ID Architects was invited by BCA to speak for the Network for Productivity Leadership (NPL) Session last July. NPL members were given insights on how ID Architects have adopted VDC on Furniture Hub. The session hopes to encourage more participation from the building community to improve productivity through BIM / VDC.

IDA Holds Staff Meeting in July

IDA has conducted a staff meeting covering the new direction IDA is taking – VR Studio, Computational Design, the new Website, Green Fingers, and a briefing for the upcoming Company trip.

Johan Hanegraaf Visits IDA

Architect Johan Hanegraaf from Dutch based design firm Mecanoo shared his knowledge with the IDA team covering topics from computational design, BIM, and VR based design. He also gave a preview of his ongoing project, Archispace, a solution for architects to design, simulate and communicate in a virtual space. Visit his blog.

IDA’s Head of VR Gerard Teo delivers talk @ Singapore Poly

For the annual International BIM Competition (IBC) organised by BCA, IDA gave a lecture at Singapore polytechnic as a primer to the competition, preparing the students and participants for the competition. the topics covered included application of computational design to actual practice scenarios, and aimed to inform and inspire the participants on the utility and potential of the tools available.

VDC Session at IDA Office

A VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) Session has been held at the IDA Office with invited guest Mr Edmund Leong of Straits Construction Pte Ltd. Mr Leong delivered a highly informative talk on VDC touching on its relevance in the construction industry. Notable is the frequent reference on the Stanford University model – VDC as a methodology, aims to: achieve better building performance with higher accuracy and quality, lower costs, expedite schedules, improve communication, and improve worker safety. More can be found in here.

If an AI Doesn’t Take Your Job, It Will Design Your Office ➞

Arranging employees in an office is like creating a 13-dimensional matrix that triangulates human wants, corporate needs, and the cold hard laws of physics. Enter Autodesk’s Project Discover. The software apply the principles of generative design to a workspace, using algorithms to determine all possible paths to your #officegoals.”

Yang Cheng Design Alliance Visits IDA

Yang Cheng Design Alliance is a group of Guangzhou-based architects who were in town for an exposure and collaborative visit to Singapore. IDA graciously hosted the guests and presented various IDA tech capabilities and standards. In turn, the Yangcheng Design Alliance participants shared their group’s advocacy and contributions to Guangzhou. The Saturday talk became a fruitful exchange of ideas and ended with both parties having afternoon tea and a tour of the IDA office. To know more, visit their site.